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How do android programmers deal with weird gradle sync errors in android studio?

I recently ran into a problem where a project that runs just fine on one computer (and has done so for a few weeks at this point) does not run on another computer (copy/pasting entire project folder) ...

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On Android high versions,DialogFragment and Dialog Background issues?

Code diagram Android 8 renderings Android 13 renderingsWhy does the same code appear differently on different Android versions? I want the effect of the lower version.Please help me!!I also asked GPT, ...

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dynamic website like you would a static website.

Im building a dynaminc website like you would a static website. This idea as its self sounds stupid, but I think it could be a new way to go for non-coders, easy contributing and "hosting" ...

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Model Deployment using AWS

Hello I am trying to deploy my flask model in AWS. I have a MAC OS so WinSCP is not supportable in my system, can anyone please help me how should I deploy my model in AWS. Thank You :)

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Tizen webapp - cannot get preferences values

I'm working on a tizen webapp. In config.xml file I have put the following lines: <preference name="pref1" value="1"> <preference name="pref2" value="2"...

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1 reply

Is current Jenkins installation guide wrong in debian OS?

I have tried to install jenkins from https://pkg.jenkins.io/debian/ but it seems like the second command looks wierd or wrong Original snip from jenkins site: echo deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/...

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2 replies

Authentication problem with UserDetailsService in Spring Boot 3.1.4 and Spring Security 6.1.1

Hello, I urgently need help with configuring spring security, more specifically authentication. Here is my user class (Utilisateur) : @Entity @Table(name = "utilisateur") @...

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Thymeleaf, JTE, and Alternative Patterns for Spring Server-Side Rendering

After using Thymeleaf for server-side rendering in Spring, I saw a post about JTE on Reddit that was mentioning the Spring View Component library https://github.com/tschuehly/spring-view-component, ...

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1 vote
4 replies

Assigning a Static IP to an AWS Fargate Task for Connecting to a Database Outside of AWS

I am deploying an application using AWS Fargate that needs to connect to a MySQL database hosted in DigitalOcean. To ensure connectivity, I need to assign a static IP address to my AWS Fargate task, ...

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webstore with online shop - wordpress - can i have one item sales go to a paypal address and other sales to another?

Good day everyone and Happy Easter. I would like to setup a store on my website where is sell some physical items such as CD/vinyl/tshirts and where i also sell tickets for a party. The issue is that ...

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How to learn to make algorithms and code more efficient?

Preamble I've been coding for a while now and have always loved doing it. I always code at every opertunity I get no matter how complex/out of my depth the problem is The unfortunate thing I always ...

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Seeking Assistance to Enhance Weather Forecast Web App Project

Hello everyone, I am currently working on a project titled "Build-a-Website-using-an-API-with-HTML-JavaScript-and-JSON" available on GitHub at GitHub Repository Link. This project involves ...

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Error while registering user.

wanted to make sure that after entering the "/start" command, the user would be recorded, but after that the "/start" command stopped responding and gave errors in the logs ERROR ...

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I can’t find Debian Arm on the listed distributions provided my VMware fusion 13.5.1

I am trying to install Kali-Linux on my VMware fusion player latest version 13.5.1 on my m1 silicon mac, I have the right Kali Linux iso for silicon based ARM, but during installation I couldn’t find ...

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0 votes
3 replies

Is it really that easy to get a web server, register a domain name, etc?

I see a lot of questions about web development. People asking about their website, JavaScript, HTML, etc. But my question is, have all these people figured out how to make a server and host a website ...

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