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Areas of practice, technology, and provider organizations already on Collectives:

Microsoft Azure

19k members
A collective for developers to engage, share, and learn about Microsoft Azure’s open-source frameworks, languages, and platform. This collective is organized and managed by the Stack Overflow community.


7k members
WSO2 solutions give enterprises the flexibility to deploy applications and services on-premises, on private or public clouds, or in hybrid environments. Our collective aims to enable developers to build value-added services and get to market faster.

Mobile Development

11k members
A collective for developers who want to share their knowledge and learn more about mobile development practices and platforms


14k members
A collective where developers focused on continuous integration, delivery, and deployment can find, share, and learn about simultaneous development.


26k members
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. The AWS Collective is a community-driven site with resources for developers.

R Language

10k members
A collective where data scientists and AI researchers gather to find, share, and learn about R and other subtags like knitr and dplyr.

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Find trusted answers, fast

Stop testing multiple solutions to your questions.

Find the answers recommended or provided by subject matter experts from the community or who build and support a company's technology.

Find information about technologies that interest you in one place

There’s no need to review multiple tag pages.

The Collectives page provides a centralized view of questions and answers and content using tags associated with an area of technical practice or an organization’s technology.

Engage with new content formats

Because some topics require more than Q&A.

Find in-depth knowledge on a topic or product with technical how-to guides and knowledge Articles, and get timely, relevant updates with Bulletins.

Earn recognition

Consider yourself an expert on Google Cloud? Think you know the most about Go Language?

Earn a Recognized Member designation from the Admins of a Collective and/or your favorite technology companies. See your answers recommended and check where you rank on the Collectives leaderboard.

Here’s what people are saying about Collectives on Stack Overflow

I think both businesses and developers will benefit from Collectives because they make it easier to connect and keep in touch. Developers have been coming together and helping each other on the Stack Overflow platform for a long time. With Collectives, companies can now also become part of this active community.

Martin Spickermann
Senior Software Developer at Shopify

I’m most excited about the Recognized Member feature. Beyond reputation, I think the Recognized Member badge can more accurately reflect a user’s expertise in a domain. Endorsement by a Recognized Member can also help to increase the visibility of new, better, but not highly voted answers to old questions, encouraging developers to take a closer look before just adopting the highest voted answer.

Benjamin W.
Stack Overflow user

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What is Collectives™ on Stack Overflow?

Collectives™ on Stack Overflow are dedicated spaces where developers can find content that’s organized around an area of technical practice or a technology provider's product suite. Read more on the Help Center

What is a recommended answer?

A recommended answer helps users quickly and easily identify the best solution to a question. Answers are recommended by subject matter experts who have been designated as Recognized Members of a collective. Learn more about recommended answers

What are the different types of users in a Collective?

Within Collectives, there are 4 Collective-specific user types: Member, Recognized Member, Admin, Employee. More about the user types

How do you determine which tags are included in a Collective?

Collective tags are based on technologies that are part of certain areas of practice or a technology provider’s product suite. Read more about tags

How do I join a Collective?

Anybody with a Stack Overflow account can join a collective! Visit a collective’s page (by clicking on the collectives badge on a question page) and press the “Join collective” button. The collective will now show up in the left sidebar. Join a collective

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